Introducing eCapEx

The No.1 CapEx Approval Workflow Software for Finance Teams

eCapEx is aimed at organisations seeking to replace manual, paper-based and disconnected processes with CapEx approval workflow software that provides greater visibility and tracking of CapEx spend.

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    How it works


    Use a drag-and-drop interface to create your CapEx request form and submit it for approval.

    Add rich, interactive behaviours without coding and use logic to control the behaviour of the form.


    Create the approval steps that the form will go through and specify business rules (for example, only send the form to the CEO if the request is above a certain threshold).

    Send eMail reminders to prompt users to complete tasks or alert a manager if a task is running late.


    Get real-time visibility into your CapEx approval processes and track user actions to know exactly who did what and when it was done.

    Predictive BPM can even alert users if a workflow is estimated to finish late or a step has taken too long to complete.


    Archive approved CapEx requests for compliance and allow auditors to review information, including time-stamped approval decisions, documents and comments.


    Electronic forms

    Digitalise your capital expense request form to eliminate paper handling and manual routing

    In a point-and-click interface, you can rapidly create a capital expenditure form template to gather and display information about the capital expense e.g. project details, sponsors, quotes, risk assessments, justifications.

    The CapEx approval workflow software offers several ways of building forms, with the results appearing exactly the same to the end-users. These options include an eForm plug-in for Microsoft Word plus an Online Form Designer for easy drag-and-drop creation.

    Standardised CapEx approval templates

    To ensure consistency and adherence to capital expenditure policy

    Integrated sanity checks and rules

    To automatically verify data on input or form submission, ensuring only accurate information is routed for approval

    Display real-time financial data

    To show current position information such as budgets, CapEx approved and remaining budget for the current period etc.

    Configurable tabs

    To logically group form sections such as current position, description of expenditure, justification, cost, history etc.


    Automatic multi-lingual translation of capital expenditure requisition forms and user interfaces

    Currency conversion

    All figures are automatically shown in local currency and your global currency

    Submit form for approval

    Common CapEx approval process for consistency across all business units, regions and departments

    Attach files

    Add document attachments of any format (XLS, JPG, DOC etc.)

    Comment log

    To enable any participant to add time-stamped notes to a capital expense request

    Create PDF of submitted form

    Printable PDF generation of complete form, including attachments

    Full audit trail

    To include timestamps and usernames of all events/actions


    Workflow engine

    Build, modify and execute your process with capital expenditure approval software

    Graphically model an approval, rejection and clarification workflow for your CapEx processes in a point-and-click interface.

    Simply drag user, notification or data integration steps into your workflow design and link with conditional branches. Add data integration steps to ingest data from other systems or to export CapEx request data to onward ERP or purchasing systems.

    Where appropriate, multiple steps in your business process that would traditionally be done sequentially, can be completed in parallel, massively shortening the overall process time to completion.

    You can also set up email reminders to prompt users to complete tasks or alert a manager if a task is running late.


    Business Rules Engine (BRE)

    Add users / rules

    In a graphical point-and-click environment, you can encapsulate your capital expenditure policies, procedures and processes as named, reusable business rules.

    Once activated, the rule can be utilised in any number of forms and CapEx workflows to conditionally control how they should run and behave in various conditions. A business rule can be used to control the:

    • Behaviour of a CapEx request form
    • Path of a CapEx approval workflow
    • Users assigned to steps
    • Approval limit of individual users
    • Contents of a report
    • And many other aspects of your process


    Web workspaces

    Web-based user interface for launching processes and task management

    You will be assigned a bespoke web workspace tailored to your role (for example, Initiator, Approver, Manager, Administrator) where you can:

    • Initiate forms
    • View your task list
    • Find the current location of any in-progress requests
    • Search for and review historic requests

    The web workspaces include a settings page for administrators to create, edit and delete user accounts for the platform.

    Business activity monitoring (BAM)

    Get real-time visibility into your CapEx approvals, discover bottlenecks and intervene

    Additionally, the web workspaces act as a management dashboard for accurate CapEx spend visibility. The dashboards contain information on many aspects of the system, such as numbers of requests, values, times taken etc. Some examples include:

    • My task list
    • My CapEx’s
    • CapEx’s I have participated in
    • My unit(s) CapEx
    • Workflow step times
    • Long-running steps
    • Currently active steps
    • All CapEx’s

    Crucially, the dashboards provide management with real-time visibility into how in-flight processes are running. This means they can easily discover bottlenecks in the process and intervene, if needed, to keep things running smoothly.

    Although our CapEx approval workflow software supports dashboards, as well as scheduled and on-demand reporting, we understand that for most finance users, a simple Excel spreadsheet is often the most flexible way of accessing data. Therefore, data can be automatically exported to pre-defined Microsoft Excel templates.


    Eliminate paper-based approvals

    Capture accurate data and reduce the amount of paperwork circulating in an organisation by creating capital expense requests that work on any device from any location.

    Common CapEx approval tracking process

    Automate the routing of completed forms through bespoke authorisation paths based on asset category, business unit, budgets and authorisation limits with a rejection and clarification workflow process and automated eMail reminders.

    Provide greater visibility to management

    eCapEx offers real-time visibility into your global CapEx processes through bespoke web portals.

    Users can instantly find out where in the process their request is and when it is estimated to complete the workflow. Managers and administrators can gain real-time insight into the financial position of their approved, rejected and in-flight requests.

    Archive requests for regulatory compliance

    eCapEx automatically archives all CapEx requests allowing you to quickly review information about any activity, past or present, including time-stamped approval decisions, documents and comments.

    Easy data connectors

    eCapEx includes built-in database connectors (e.g. web services and REST calls) to connect to, and exchange information with, your existing finance and order management software.

    Export to legacy systems through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or common file formats (CSV, Excel etc.) is also possible.

    Robust security

    eCapEx offers data security and stability with HTTPS (SSL) connection, audits logs, user permissions and form data encryption.

    Cost savings

    Significant cost savings will be derived from tighter spend control, harmonisation of processes across departments and geographies, eradication of procurement overlap, improved utilisation of existing equipment/capital, and the ability to leverage bulk-buying power.

    Adhere to governance procedures/capital expenditure approval policy

    eCapEx can comply with your internal governance procedures including CapEx approval limit setting, approval escalation procedures and total spend authorisations.

    In tightly regulated industries or publicly traded companies, the ability to guarantee authorised process was followed and prove it to auditors is an essential part of business that eCapEx can assist with.

    Complete CapEx project management

    eCapEx goes beyond simple capital expenditure approval with the ability to track post CapEx spending and provide analysis on the efficiency of CapEx spent.

    Responsive user experience

    eCapEx is accessible from any browser, operating system or mobile device with all major platforms (including iOS and Android) supported.

    The CapEx request workflow software will automatically resize forms/web interfaces to render and work on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

    Reduce time to market with low/no-code development

    eCapEx is a low/no-code platform, driven by point-and-click configuration, not complex programming efforts.

    The CapEx management software enables you to create forms, workflows and new processes quickly in response to the ever-changing needs of your industry.

    UK data centres

    Our data centres are UK-based and fully compliant with UK GDPR.

    Powerful technology

    The underlying technology (BP Logix Process Director) runs on the well supported and reliable Windows, IIS, SQL and ASP.NET platform from Microsoft. This means we can leverage the inherent security, scalability and reliability features within our CapEx workflow software.

    Quick implementation

    Typically, the team at ePC can replicate your existing paper/Excel form and internal approval process within a few weeks to provide greater visibility, automation and tracking of your CapEx spend.

    The unique low/no-code environment coupled with patented Process Timeline technology means we can implement quick wins, rather than lengthy development processes.

    Roll-out to other departments

    The underlying technology behind eCapEx can be deployed quickly within other departments/processes within your business.

    From contract approvals to purchase orders, Process Director can handle any data capture or workflow task, allowing you to double your return on investment many times over.

    Professional services

    eCapEx is aimed at business users and requires no coding knowledge to create CapEx request forms and model CapEx approval processes.

    However, if you need to deploy quickly or have complex requirements, ePC can manage the project from concept to completion.

    Typically, this involves spending time with you to understand what problems you are trying to solve, what the current “As Is” process is and what your “Future” desired state looks like. Once we have mapped out your CapEx approval process, we will build a fully operational bespoke solution allowing you to be up-and-running much sooner with less reliance on your internal resources.

    Bespoke training

    The end-user interfaces within eCapEx are designed to be familiar and intuitive to your users, so often no special training is required.

    However, we have off-the-shelf training courses for system administrators to help transfer the skills needed to implement and run eCapEx.

    If end-user training is required, we have found a train-the-trainer approach is best for disseminating the required skills to your end-users throughout your organisation.

    Support & helpdesk

    You will have direct access to the delivery team for support during normal working hours (09:00 -17:30 GMT/BST) in the UK (excluding English public holidays), where you can liaise with a skilled and experienced support engineer by telephone and eMail.

    Depending on the level of support provided, you will also have access to maintenance releases, version upgrades, remote access problem diagnosis and resolution, and remote server maintenance.


    Minimise IT resource and infrastructure requirements with a cloud hosting subscription or maintain control with an on-premise implementation.

    Case studies

    Rentokil Initial automate CapEx approval processes across Europe, APAC, Latin America and the USA with cloud-based CapEx approval software.


    Seeking to improve the controls around CapEx projects, Millennium and Copthorne (M&C) Hotels Plc implement cloud-hosted CapEx management software to manage their annual CapEx budget.

    As an IT support group, we offer our business colleagues choices. The decision to select Process Director/Cloud Edition was made by the Divisional CFO, as the prototype of the CapEx process worked to his satisfaction. From an IT perspective, we were also genuinely pleased with the pilot.
    Chris Broe, Group Chief Information Officer, Rentokil Initial
    I have been really impressed by the speed with which this capability has been developed and how flexible it has been to meet our requirements.
    Hilton Hess, Finance Director, Rentokil Initial
    We love the simplicity of the system. The actual form has not changed much. You now complete it online. It still captures all the same information. Crucially, the quality of submitted requests has improved as certain fields are auto-filled, calculated automatically or contain rules such as a mandatory field or display a warning if certain conditions are not met. We’ve made the process tighter and more consistent.
    Nick Taylor, Finance Director, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels
    ePC offers a strong technical knowledge of BP Logix Process Director, and the ability to understand complex business processes. We consider the company a premier resource for BPM implementations using Process Director.
    Jay O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer, BP Logix
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